Ice Melon Colada by Jam Monster Salts Review

Jam monster ice melon colada a refreshing tropical adventure as crisp melon and pineapple coconut flavors are infused with a hint of minty menthol. Fruit lovers and menthol enthusiasts alike will find this salt nic blend to be the ultimate treat for the palate.


Juicy melon and divine pineapple dance their way across the palate in this e-liquid that will make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation. As you inhale, a tangy pineapple flavour tickles the tongue and engulfs your senses before a refreshing melon flavor drenches your palate with its smooth texture.

Ice Melon Colada by Jam Monster Salts Review

Jam Monster is a brand that has shook the vape industry to its core with their delicious breakfast variations featuring fresh buttery toast and your choice of delicious jam. They also have incredible dessert flavors including Custard Monster that features a blend of creamy fruits and creams that can be enjoyed all day long.


The creators of Ice Monster have crafted the perfect blend of fruity flavors that are perfectly complimented with a blast of menthol. On the inhale, enjoy a juicy mixture of sweet melons that are infused with the island tastes of pineapples and coconuts.